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ghosts haunted paranormal Five Haunted Mansions

Investigating FIVE Victorian Mansions

  So there I was, sitting on a hoity-toity antique couch in the parlour on the first floor of a Victorian mansion a few nights ago while listening for responses to the questions I was asking the “spirits”. It was active that night and loud banging rapped back to me from way up in the […]

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ghost children video Michelle McKay

My Video About Ghost Children

I narrated a true ghost stories video about ghost children. Check it out!

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Michelle McKay paranormal ghosts haunted Canada

I Just Found Out About This

I was featured in Halloween Alley

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Michelle McKay paranormal married

I’m Getting Married?? Wha??

Hold off on the congratulations just yet, let me explain… For about the last six months I have been meeting with a group of women who get together once a week to meditate. I must admit, at first I was somewhat reluctant to join but curiosity got the best of me. Three weeks ago the […]

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Michelle McKay paranormal ghosts haunted

My Interview with CBC on top ghosts in Winnipeg

You can read the interview here

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Thornbury ghosts haunted paranormal Michelle McKay

I was interviewed in the Thornbury Paper

Check out my newspaper interview in the Thornbury Paper

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Michelle McKay ghosts haunted paranormal

Michelle McKay Interviewed on Incubi Incarnate — Listen here

Michelle talks ghosts + UFOs with Incubi Incarnate

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My Interview with Budd Hopkins Abductee Client — Listen here

Michelle McKay interviews Budd Hopkins client

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They Conducted An Exorcism On Me

Paranormal investigator Michelle McKay talks about her exorcism.

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Henry McKay UFO Necklace

I Made A Necklace With Soil Found In Uncle’s UFO Landing Site Files

So happy I did this. I love it!

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