They Conducted An Exorcism On Me

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Now, onto the main topic of this post: the day the Catholic Church conducted a full-fledged exorcism on me…


Michelle McKay exorcism

I briefly mentioned the exorcism in my article titled “Help For The Psychic Medium – How To Shield and Cleanse”  And I’ve been trying to put off telling the story for a while now because I really don’t like talking about it — so I won’t be going into great detail today. Now, where to start.. hmmm..

Well, I was 22 years old when it happened, and I was being harassed and stalked by entities wearing black-hooded robes. I kept seeing them everywhere, even in the underground parking garage. They would appear before me at random places, always silent, never talking to me. Just standing there. Staring. Watching. Then they would disappear.

Michelle McKay exorcism ghosts haunted paranormalOne evening I had just laid my head down on the pillow. I assure you I was not asleep, I just barely got the blankets up over me. And I heard footsteps enter the room then walk towards me. It walked up to my ear and called me by my name in a slow growling, demonic-sounding type of voice “MIIIICCHHHEEEELLLLLEEE”. I will never forget that voice. Ever. I also felt its hot breath in my ear as it said my name. I immediately told it to get out and leave me alone. I was fed up, this was the last straw. They were getting out of control and really starting to scare me now.

I was raised Catholic. So who else do you call when you suspect Satan and his minions are following you? The priest! The next day my mother called the Church and one of the priests told her to bring me in to see them right away. So in I went. One of the priests sat me down in his office and asked me a bunch of questions. We spoke for well over an hour. He told me to go home and that he would talk to his colleagues (the bishop and other priests) to get their opinions and then he would call me.

A few days later the Church called and said that they wanted me to come into the Church to talk to me again. This time there were about three priests there, all asking me questions. Afterwards, I was told to go home again and that I would receive yet another call.

A few days later I get the call from the Church. They decided that I should come into the Church in a few days so that they could conduct an exorcism on me. What? You’re kidding, right? Why? I’m not possessed!!

I never asked them for an exorcism. I never even mentioned that word, heck, I wasn’t even thinking that. So what made them think that I needed an exorcism?? I  just wanted these entities to stop bothering me. Their decision to put me through an exorcism was an absolute shock to me. I thought about it for a few minutes and then finally agreed, figuring maybe it might help. I was desperate to get it to stop.

Now, I should add here that there were other things that were happening to me during this time, other types of paranormal incidents that I am not willing to discuss right now. But I will continue with the story…

It was after sundown when my mother ushered me into the back of the Church — as per the priest’s request. I was sat down in one of the rooms on the main floor at the back of the Church. The Church was empty: just me, my mother, and the priests. There were several priests there, about three or four. They immediately started praying on me and the exorcism was in full swing.

Michelle McKay exorcism ghosts haunted paranormalIt lasted quite a while. I remember being really bored and thinking how ridiculous this all was because I am certainly not possessed. I remember thinking how did it come to this? I just wanted these black-robed entities to go away, now I’m here undergoing an exorcism. At one point I remember one of the priests holding the Crucifix up to my face — why did the priest look so scared? They spoke in authoritative tones while asking me to repeat certain things. They shouted at Satan telling him that he no longer had any hold on me. Then it finally ended.

The priest that led the exorcism told my mother and I that they removed seven demons from me. And that I would likely throw up shortly which was normal and expected. I thought to myself that there is no way I will have to throw up because I was NOT possessed. And what? SEVEN demons???

I was happy to get out of there. As soon as I got back in the car I remember feeling really nauseous and sick to my stomach before we drove away from the parking lot. I was shocked that I felt nauseous because I was convinced I wasn’t possessed. Then I remember thinking to myself “oh god Michelle open the door you’re gonna throw up!!” And sure enough, I did, right there in the parking lot… My mother was in tears, and the priest looked through the Church window at me nodding his head. Why did I just throw up? I was NOT possessed. The power of suggestion perhaps?

We drove home, and later that evening the black-hooded robed entities came back. So, the next day my mother called the Church asking to talk to the priest who led the exorcism. They asked her why she wanted to talk to him. She said that the exorcism didn’t work and that I was still being harassed, but they refused to provide any further assistance. They told her, “The exorcism worked and, no, you cannot talk to him”. My mother continued to insist on speaking with him. They finally admitted, “After the exorcism, he was taken to the hospital and he is now dieing” then they hung up on her!

My mother told me what they said. Dieing? What? The priest is dieing? He’s in the hospital? Why? …  Maybe he was having health issues before the exorcism and this was all a coincidence. At any rate, this now meant that I had to deal with the entities on my own. Which I did, I eventually got them to leave me alone and haven’t been bothered by them since.

St Michael Archangel ghosts haunted paranormal Michelle McKayAlthough I no longer consider myself a Catholic, one thing that has stuck with me is St. Michael the Archangel. I’ve always seen him as “God’s bouncer” — kickin’ that bad ole’ devil out of da club.

One of my grandmothers (my Irish Grandma McKay) bought a drawing of St. Michael for me from a monk in Nova Scotia because she knew how much I adore St. Michael. The monk drew it using just pencil crayons, it’s really cool. Actually, I still have it today. It hangs in the front hallway facing my front door. That’s it on the left there. Pretty bad ass, eh? The picture, to me, depicts the ongoing fight of good over evil. I always keep it by the door wherever I move to help deter any negative entities from following me home from an investigation.

Today, I still don’t think I was “possessed”. I believe that the priests over-exaggerated the situation due to their own fears from me telling them that I dabbled with spirits, Ouija Boards, and conducted other types of spirit communications. As I also mentioned, there were other paranormal incidents that were happening to me that I really don’t want to go into that also indicated to the priests that I was “possessed”. But who knows. Maybe I was? One of those things I will always wonder about…

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6 Comments on “They Conducted An Exorcism On Me”

  1. Karma Bradley
    05/01/2015 at 2:03 pm #

    I don’t think you were possessed, I just think that certain things had latched onto you. Maybe you were in a negative state at some point and it made you open and vulnerable to these entities. I too have problems with dark entities visiting me, but they only ever show when I am extremely down and unguarded x

  2. 03/23/2015 at 12:25 am #

    So, I am having difficulty finding contact information for you. However, I listened to an interview with David Haisell you conducted and you mentioned in the interview that sometimes information is lost on sites not being managed anymore. Well, there is this webpage:
    that keeps track of everything on the net. You’ll have to work quickly though, just in case, it too is no longer managed. Just wanted you to know. – Ruth

  3. Ernie Castaneda
    02/28/2015 at 3:31 pm #

    I just read your story!! Im really curious as to what else was going on with you that made the priest think you were possessed. I’ll understand if toyr not willing to say Michelle. I truly believe you are gifted and maybe the demons are trying to stop you . I’ve always tell you be careful. You are right.. It is a spiritual warfare we are fighting !!! Thank you for sharing your story! Be careful and God bless you and yours always.

    • 02/28/2015 at 8:54 pm #

      Thank you:) Hopefully this might help somebody somehow..

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