My Grandpa Kennedy the Freemason

Michelle McKay ghosts haunted paranormal snowOhhh, baby, it’s cold outside!! So yesterday morning I wake up to snow flicking my window and a chilly, howling wind. Mind you, we lucked out because the snow didn’t stick to the ground, and was gone within a couple of hours. As I watched in horror at the white presents falling from the heavens, I am reminded of my grand master plan last Spring to move somewhere where there are palm trees. I love Canada, but I really HATE the cold weather that comes with it. Soon I’ll be sliding into a ditch again, just watch! Those who were following me on my Twitter last winter will remember my numerous live tweeting marathons after sliding on ice than down into a ditch. What else is there to do while waiting for friends with chains and tractors to come rescue you from an icy ditch in the lovely countryside? Yes, it happens to me more than once each winter. Don’t judge me, I have impeccable driving skills. It’s just that icy country roads with ditches are my nemesis, that’s all…

In my last post, I wrote about my great-great-grandmother (Grandma Kennedy), who was Scottish. She had the Scottish “Second Sight” and read tea leaves, omens and saw spirits. She would often go down to the river with other women in my family wearing black hooded-robes to “baptize” each other. In that post, I briefly mentioned that I would write about her husband, Grandpa Kennedy (my great-great-grandfather), who was also Scottish. Yes, my family is of Scottish heritage, with a wee bit of Irish. But, it’s Grandpa Kennedy’s turn, so here goes…


Michelle McKay ghosts haunted paranormal freemason


Grandpa Kennedy was my great-great-grandfather, my “G2” grandpa. He lived during the Victorian era. That’s him in the photo above. He was a Freemason, and he certainly wasn’t the first Freemason in the family. Actually, most of the men in my family going back approximately 200 years were all Freemasons. Now, before some of you go running off screaming “Illuminati” I just want to say that the men in my family were very honourable good-hearted men, and the women in my family (their wives) were always proud to be standing next to them. That is, when the women weren’t busy going down to the river wearing black hooded-robes to “baptize” each other. If you study history, you will come across many different types of Orders that existed throughout time. Actually, just before one of my great-aunts died, I was supposed to fly back to the east coast of Canada to get the Freemason rings that have been passed down through the family. But I never made it there in time, so they were given to another reliable member of the family. Which was fine with me, at least they are still in good hands. Besides, I ended up with Uncle’s UFO files.

Speaking of Uncle (UFOlogist Henry McKay), I just want to clarify that he had no relation to Grandpa Kennedy. Henry was from my grandfather’s side of the family, and the Kennedy’s were from my grandmother’s side of the family. So no relation between the two. Furthermore, Uncle was not a Freemason.

Michelle McKay ghosts haunted paranormal Maman Brigitte VeveSometimes I wonder if certain “interests” really can be passed down in the bloodline like they say. Most of my family members were, and still are, into the paranormal in some aspect. Whether it be some type of Order, spirit communication, occultism, or other…

But then you have my grandmother  (not Grandma Kennedy who was my great-great-grandmother), but my other grandmother. We’ll call her Grandma McKay to avoid confusion. Grandma McKay, of Scottish-Irish heritage, was pretty much the one who raised me. She was a staunch Catholic, the rest of the family were certainly not Catholic. Grandma McKay, being fully aware of our family history, was determined to make sure that I would never ever dabble in anything other than being a strict Catholic. When I was a little girl, I’m almost sure it was when I was 8, she kept finding me sitting on my bedroom window-sill late at night staring at the moon. She said it was as if I were “in a trance”, which scared her incredibly — her lifelong mission to “save me” from the family bloodline had begun. But that I might share in a future post…

RIP Grandpa Kennedy (1863-1941)…


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