Crystal Skulls and the video from Uncle’s UFO files

The interview with Nicole Lahousse about the Crystal Skulls went well. Yes, I am referring to the Crystal Skulls made popular in the Indiana Jones movie. It was great to talk with her! She was very knowledgeable. I will be conducting another interview with her in the near future for, and¬†I also mentioned in the interview my (and Uncle’s) connection to the Crystal Skulls. If you missed the interview then here it is. And if you are wondering what the Crystal Skulls have to do with the paranormal then you really do need to listen to my interview with Nicole:

On another note, I wrote an article titled¬†“Help For The Psychic Medium ‚Äď How To¬†Shield and Cleanse”¬†for my ghost website. It is not just for psychic mediums, I think anybody dealing with ghosts might find it useful. I must say that I am surprised at the number of views I’m getting for this article. I didn’t think so many would have a use for something like this! You can check out the article here. I will be writing Part 2 “Help For The Psychic Medium – How To Bring Out Your Gifts” the end of June / beginning of July, and will put the link on my Twitter and also in my next blog post. Speaking of which, if you are one of my blog followers and have Twitter then feel free to say hi to me on Twitter, love hearing from you guys!

Somebody asked me on my Twitter how they could find the case files of my ghost investigations. For anybody else that is wondering this, a few of my ghost investigation files are here. Footage taken at my investigation at an insane asylum is also there, very odd.

Michelle McKay paranormal ghosts haunted ufos

Videocassette with sticky-note on it from Uncle.

So, I got a chance to watch the suspected “alien implant” video from Uncle’s UFO files that I mentioned in my last blog post. I almost threw up watching it — it IS a live surgery after all. But, alas, after watching it there doesn’t appear to be anything abnormal about what was found in the patient’s ear. ¬†However, I will need to look into it further to have a strong opinion either way. For catalogue sake, here are the details of this footage:

The footage is 13 minutes 26 seconds. Monday, March 7, 1988, appeared on the screen at the beginning of the footage. The surgery was conducted behind the ear. The patient was a female with grey hair, who was awake and talking during the entire process. The surgeon had a nurse helping him. The patient said “ouch” at one point. The camera used to film with was VHS. And it is my best guess that the camera operator was holding the cam (as opposed to sitting it on a tripod). Although the footage did not show the camera operator, the footage was slightly shaky at some points — which is why I believe it was not sitting on a tripod. Upon removal of “suspicious” object from behind the ear, the surgeon commented that the object was much smaller then he had originally suspected. The surgeon stated that the object was of “hard material” and did not appear to be metal. A male in the room observing (not Henry McKay) asked the surgeon what he thought the “suspicious” object was. The surgeon replied that in his opinion he doesn’t think the object looked foreign, and that although he had never seen anything like it before, that it was likely just “firm cartilage”.

Michelle McKay paranormal ghosts haunted ufos

Yeah, real funny Uncle! Thanks! Was such a delight watching a live operation ūüė¶

The object was placed inside a bottle so that further testing could be conducted on the object. I also need to look into who the patient was and figure out what her story is (ie. what happened to make her think she had an alien implant). As clearly she must have had quite a compelling story to convince a surgeon to go digging behind her ear in search of an alien implant. And, of course, for all we know aliens are now using “firm cartilage” as material for their implants — if indeed alien implants exist. The answer is in Uncle’s files. When his files were all put into boxes, they were done so out of order. So his files are all spread out amongst each other, and completely out of order. I don’t have the name of the patient so it will be some time before I find her file in Uncle’s files. When I do, I will let you guys know on this blog. I am also hoping that when I find her file that there is some mention as to the test results of the object that was removed from behind her ear. So, the mystery continues…

Next week I will be back into Uncle’s files again to see what else is in there. Will let you know in my next blog post what I find. Also, I put together this collage of a few newspaper clippings about Uncle. If you operate a UFO website, you are welcome to add this image to your site:

Henry McKay Michelle UFOs ghosts paranormal


Well, that’s all folks! Till next time! Have an awesome day! Hugs xoxo!! P.S. Thanks for sticking it out and reading my blog posts.

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